A popular nightclub

From Create Your Own Story

You pull up in front of the newest downtown nightclub and park the car. As you approach the door, you have a little concern because you're pretty sure that the girls aren't all 21. You needn't worry though, since the bouncer is too busy checking out Yulia to bother with IDs.

After a quick stop at the bar to get a drink, Yulia and Amber lead Maria and you onto the dance floor. The DJ's spinning a good mix of hip hop and dance music and, while it's still early, a good, trendy-looking crowd is forming. Your foursome of college hotties are having a great time partying in the club and are getting plenty of attention from the guys in the process.

As you finish your first mojito, a girl bumps you from behind, making you spill a couple drops on your dress. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but what about tonight?

Do you:

or do you ignore her and:

You are possessing:
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