A red truck with a sleeper compartment

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You walk up to driver side door of the red truck. You give the driver a wave and he unlocks the passenger door. "I've got to be downtown in about an hour. I can give you a lift over to the mall and we can park out behind it for a little bit."

"I don't know...," you say and chew on your lower lip. The driver is a young man, around twenty or twenty-five years old. He is fairly attractive and looks like a young version of John Stamos. (Uncle Jessie from Full House)

"I'll make it easy," he says, reaching down between the seats. His hand comes up holding a wad of cash.

You climb in the truck and sit beside the driver. "What exactly do you want?" you ask.

He looks you up and down like he's thinking and then he starts the truck without answering your question. "Buckle up!" the man says, obviously eager to get to the mall. This man drives like a maniac. It is a twenty-minute drive to the mall, and he gets you there in under five! Your hand rubs his crotch the whole drive.

"I knew you were a little whore from the moment I set eyes on you," the man says. "Alright, first things first, take off your clothes. I want to get a look at that hot little body of yours."

It is not easy within the confines of the truck. You pull your tank top up over your head and then reach behind your back to unbuckle your bra. You hold the cups to your breasts and look him in the eye, then pull the bra away. He whistles at the sight of your smooth white breasts, small pink tits, and your hard nipples.

"Nice tits," he says and with a smirk. "Let's see the rest."

You kick off your shoes and lift your butt up off the seat to slide down your skirt. Underneath you're wearing a black thong thong that covers just enough of your waxed pussy to be legal on the beach. You start to take the thong off, but the John stops you.

"Get on your knees and turn around," he instructs. "I want to see your ass while you do it."

You climb onto the leather seat on your knees and turn to face the passenger window. You push your ass out towards him and your big tits press against the glass of the window. You reach back and ease the thong over your toned milf ass and down the back of your smooth legs.

"You've got a great ass, Lady," he murmurs.

You feel his breath on your butt and he plants a few kisses there before his mouth roves to your crack. You moan with surprise when his tongue slides between your cheeks and flicks up and down your puckered asshole. He prods your pink hole with his tongue, before lowering his mouth to your pussy.

When he buries his tongue in your cunt you can't help but moan again. He's not exactly hitting the right spots, but the movement of his tongue and the warm wetness seeping down your thighs is really turning you on. Just as you start to get into it, he pulls away.

A moment later you hear his zipper, his tongue is replaced by the insistent thrust of his long but thin cock. Your pussy is tight, but with all the juice his pencil dick easily slips inside you. He grunts and rests his weight heavily against your ass.

"Fuck yeah, you are tight!" he cries.

Now you're really pressed up against the window, your tits pulling away and mashing against it again each time the John thrusts into your sopping cunt. His cock will take forever to make you cum, so you reach down between your legs and begin rubbing your clit. He grabs onto your hips for better leverage and begins pounding hard into your pussy. The sounds of slapping flesh and slurping juices mix with your moans and his grunts.

The pleasure buzzing from your clit is allowing you to enjoy his thin prick as it thrusts in and out of your pussy. You begin to push your ass back to meet each thrust.

"Fuck yeah, like that," he moans. "Keep doing it like that you little whore. Milk my dick."

You squeeze your pussy around his cock. You can feel the strangers dick swell inside you as He approaches his climax.

"Keep going," he pants. "Fuck that dick. Make me cum. Make my dick cum, you little whore."

You squeeze as hard as you can with each thrust. You can feel he's almost ready to burst inside you.

"Are you ready for this, bitch?" the mystery man grunts at you, hammering into your pussy.

"Y-yes," you says as your tits slap against the window.

"I don't think you are, tell me you want it! Tell me you want my cum inside you!""

He pounds you even harder still. Your ass makes loud slapping sounds against his hips.

"Cum for me, cum inside me! I'm ready!" you beg.

Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of your well fucked cunt. Before you can react he lifts your leg onto the seat next to you and grabs you with one hand by the back of the neck. He pushes your face against the passenger door and in one sudden motion he jams his skinny dick straight into your clenched asshole.

"Ahh!" You howl with surprise and pain.

It's so unexpected you don't even have a chance to fight it. He sinks his prick balls-deep in your ass.

"Fuck yes, that is even tighter!"

He thrusts three times, hard, into your no longer virgin asshole. With a roar his cock shoots a scalding blast of cum deep into your bowels. He pounds his dick into you and with each thrust you can feel another torrent of sperm inside you. The pained clenching of your little pink asshole just makes his orgasm more intense. He thrusts a few more times, draining out every last drop of his load, and then withdraws.

"Your tight little ass fucks good, now get the fuck out of my truck before you get cum on my heated seats!"

He reaches next to your head and throws open the passenger door. With a powerful thrust of the hips, you are deposited in the mall parking lot. He slams the door and squeals away in his truck without bothering to throw out the money he promised or even your clothes. You lie there for a moment, bewildered, with his sperm oozing out of your sore asshole onto the ground.

You're startled to see a bearded homeless man laying with a bag of cans on the ground. He is staring up at you wide eyed.

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