A short, drooling bulldog

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Still naked, you walk over to a row of dog kennels, accompanied by the rancher. There are three cages made of chain link fencing, each containing a dog. As you approach the cages, the dogs begin barking frenetically.

The dog in the first cage is an old looking German shepherd. Though he is barking at you, his heart doesn’t really seem to be in it. The next cage contains an irate terrier. You give it points for energy, but it seems a bit too small to be much fun. The occupant of the last cage is a muscular gray and white English bulldog, which is barking and growling at you in an intimidating manner with copious amounts of drool coating and dripping from its jowls. It periodically takes a run at the front of its cage, clanging off of the metal fencing as it tries to get to you and splattering spittle in all directions. This is the dog for you.

“Does he bite?” you ask the rancher.

The rancher gives a chuckle. “Oh, Dozer bites, alright! Yes indeed, he does. But I reckon you’ll be OK if you want to let him have a go at you. The trick is to act submissive and show him that you aren’t a threat to him. If he senses aggression in you, that’s when you run into trouble.”

“How do I act submissive?” you ask. “When I let you in there, the first thing you gotta do is lie down limp on your back. You’re showing him your soft underbelly, which is how one dog signals to another other that it accepts its role as the secondary, the inferior dog.”

“So like, it’s the other dog’s bitch,” you say.

“Pretty much,” says the rancher, then continues. “After you lay there for a spell and let him sniff you and such, then you just get on your hands and knees and Dozer’ll take care of the rest. Sound good?”

“Sounds great,” you say, feeling yourself getting wet while watching the dog as it hurtles yet again at the door of its enclosure.

“Here,” you say, handing the rancher your iPhone. “Use this to capture it on video. Then we can upload it directly to my Facebook page.”

“Aw, heck. I never can figure out these new fangled gadgets,” the farmer replies, looking at the phone quizzically. You take a couple of minutes to show him how to use the phones camera features, and then it’s time to enter Dozer’s cage.

The rancher selects one of the many keys on his large key ring and uses it to unlock a large padlock on the door of the dog cage. “You ready?” he asks.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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