A white delivery van with the driver staring at you

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You approach the vehicle and see a well-groomed guy in his early thirties. "I noticed you noticing me," you say.

"You are right. Let's talk about it. Hop in."

His eyes never leave Jessica's face as you lock eyes with him, and enter the passenger door.

"Jessica White?" he asks.

White is Jessica's maiden name. You scan her memory to try to recognize who this individual is. It's someone Jessica definitely recognizes. His name is Fred Funt. He went from childhood best friend, to stalker, to restraining order, and she has not seen him in many years. He was always such a nice guy, and Jessica did care for him a lot, but she mistook his kindness for weakness. One night he asked Jessica to prom, and she shot him down pretty hard, breaking his heart forever and causing him to lose his mind.

He is different from the past though, and you sense a dark aura surrounding his body.

You nod your head at him, saying, "It's Jessica Jones now."

"Do you remember me?" he asks, then answers himself. "Of course you do."

"Yes, Fred, I recognize you. I could never forget you."

Do you:

You are possessing:
Young-Looking, Pretty Mother
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