About to land on Zygeria

From Create Your Own Story

You are about to land on the planet of Zygerria, where you have to play the part of a slave who is a gift to the Queen. At the moment you are covered in a black shawl that covers your whole body, but underneath that, you are wearing a transparent blue silk bra and a short blue mini skirt. You have a bad feeling about this. You have strict orders not do do anything the could be construed as disobedient.

Anakin leads you through the city, and you just zone it all out, barely noticing the slaves being bought and sold all around you. When you come back to awareness, Anakin is pulling off your shawl and giving you to the Queen. She then calls in a slave to lead you away. The slave is wearing nothing, showing off her large breasts and small bum. You follow your orders and don't complain as she leads you to what looks like a ship yard, and everything goes black as the slave fits you with a pair of blinders.

When you wake up you are...

In a cage on a Zygerrian ship with force suppressing cuffs.

At the Zygerrian slave processing facility on Kadavo.

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