Accept Barbara's invitation

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"Sure thing," you respond.

Barbara smiles. "Wonderful."

Xuan looks at you. "Are you sure about this, Daisy?"

"It'll be fine," you reply soothingly. "Just relax and enjoy yourself."

20 minutes later, Barbara is showing you and Xuan around her house. "I live here alone," she informs you. "When my parents got divorced a year ago, they couldn't decide on a fair value for this place, so they put it in trust for me. Then they went their separate ways." The tour ends in the master bedroom. Barbara removes her clothes. She may be a bit chubby, but her round butt and plump breasts are quite attractive. "Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable," she intones.

You strip quickly, and Xuan strips more reluctantly, aided by some verbal encouragement from you. The three of you climb onto the bed with Barbara in the middle. She puts an arm around each of you and gently caresses both your body and Xuan's. "Mmmmmmmmmm," you murmur. "That feels nice."

Xuan doesn't make a sound, but her face relaxes into a genuine smile and her body shudders slightly at Barbara's touch. "No pressure," Barbara husks. "Just do what feels natural, and if you say to stop at any point, we'll stop."

You kiss your way from Barbara's neck to her chest, making her squeal with delight. Xuan has relaxed under the soothing influence of you and Barbara and has slid her body up so that Barbara can suckle her breasts. Barbara's fingers tease you and Xuan's slits and you return the favor. After a few minutes, you all are ready to step up the pace, and a daisy chain is formed.

You are possessing:
Sporty Blonde Girl
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