Accept Famine's invitation to return to her dwelling

From Create Your Own Story

You remember from your time in Tyrone's body exactly where her place is. "The abandoned building near the set of warehouses in the ghetto with the Demons graffiti?" you say.

Famine, in the guise of the woman running the homeless shelter, giggles like a schoolgirl. "That's the one."

"Let's go," you say.

15 minutes later, you're naked and lying next to the naked form of the beautiful, willowy, blond-haired woman who is actually Famine. She does look deliciously gorgeous, you think. I can see why anyone regardless of gender would want her. You kiss Famine deeply. You feel a gnawing begin at your insides as your tongues twine, but it stops as soon as you break for air.

"That was nice," Famine purrs. "You know how to turn a girl on."

"I'm glad you liked it," you reply with a smile.

Famine whispers, "I simply must try your body." Her hands and tongue caress and lick and kiss every inch of you. You don't notice a gnawing away at you and you conclude there has to be contact between your interior and hers for that to happen. Her skilled tongue has you moaning passionately in no time. The gnawing returns as she slips her tongue inside you to drink your love honey but it feels so good you don't mind the pain. After she makes you climax several times, she lies back with her legs spread.

You get the idea. After kissing from her neck to her breasts, suckling Famine's nipples and kissing your way up her legs, you return the favor by lapping up her sweetness. The feeling that your insides are being eaten away comes back but you continue to work her until she has climaxed twice on your face. The pain stops as you reposition yourself and lie next to her.

"That was wonderful," Famine husks. "Would you spend the night with me... please?"

She snuggles against you and wraps her arms around you. Her embrace feels good.

You are possessing:
Sexy, Slender Brunette
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