Accept Kat's offer and walk to her house with her

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"Sure, I'll keep you company," you tell her.

It's a pleasant, short walk to her house, and you chat a bit en route. When you get inside, Kat shows you around. "House" is the wrong word: this place is a mansion. You finish up in the master bedroom.

After a quick stop in the washroom, Kat guides you to the bed and instructs you to strip. You have no issues with that request, and remove your clothes. Kat peels off her shirt, revealing her chest, and leans down over you. You kiss her cleavage and briefly suckle a nipple, and she stands back up. She faces away from you and pulls down her shorts, leaving her dressed only in panties. She bends over, showing off her fine ass.

Kat then straightens back up, still facing away from you, and removes her panties. Then she turns around and walks over to the bed, joining you on it.

Her equipment is maybe a quarter-inch smaller than yours. She wraps an arm around you and you again kiss her breasts, and this time she allows you to suckle her nipples for longer than five seconds. She reaches down and strokes your erect cock.

"Very nice," she purrs.

She places your hand on hers, and you duplicate her motions.

"Mmmmm, good boy." Kat pries your face off her chest and plants a deep kiss on you, sliding her tongue into your mouth. "Should we 69? Or would you rather have me fuck you?"

She breaks the kiss so you can reply.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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