Accept Kellie's invitation, and meet her for dinner at 6:00

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You whisper back, "Agreed."

"What are you whispering about?" Valerie asks.

"Just making dinner plans," Kellie grins. "Belle and I will meet at Smart Alec's at 6, and then she'll spend the night with me."

She kisses your cheek, waves, and scurries off.

Valerie takes you to the changing room and helps you select a lovely blouse and skirt. You'll wear them tonight for your date with Kellie. You manage to avoid your parents seeing you, and Valerie promises to let them know your plans.

You and Kellie have a pleasant meal at Smart Alec's, and then she takes you to her house.

"This is Belle," Kellie explains, introducing you to her parents. "She's a senior, like me."

"She's very cute," her mom says. Her dad grunts and goes back to watching the game. You get a feeling he doesn't talk much with his daughter.

You smile. "Thank you, Mrs. Scifres."

Kellie's mom flashes a grin. "You girls have fun."

Kellie takes you to her room, and after a few minutes of necking gets you both turned on, she bends you over the bed, as promised. She hikes up your skirt, lowers the back of your panties, and inserts her lubed-up strap on into your back channel.

You moan softly, and she eases in and out, letting you adjust, before building a rhythm. It must have a clitoral stimulator, because Kellie quickly get heated up. She cums twice, and the second time, your cock squirts, coating your panties with your cum.

"I'm glad you liked that, Belle," Kellie whispers. "I had a good time."

You fall asleep with her holding you from behind, have her fuck your ass again the next morning, shower up, apply some of Kellie's make-up (under her supervision), and dress. Kellie walks you back home.

"Hi, Kellie," Jessica says with a smile. "Who's your friend?"

"Your daughter, Belle," Kellie replies. "She's very sweet. I like her a lot."

Jessica takes a very close look at you. "My goodness. I would never have known that was you under there, Brandon. You make a very pretty girl."

Kellie laughs. "I said the same thing."

Valerie arrives. "So the outfit was a hit. I'm glad." She escorts you inside.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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