Accept Kim's suggestion and head for Sheila's bedroom

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What the hell. You only get one shot at life, may as well try things.

"Sure," you tell Kim, rising and heading for the bedroom. Sheila accompanies you.

As soon as you get in, Kim lifts you into the air and efficiently relieves you of your clothes. She tosses you onto the bed, firmly enough to sun you, and by the time you get air back in your lungs, she's naked.

Holy hell. She's definitely packing.

"It was 3 inches longer before I started hormones," Kim informs you. Then she plants her lips on yours and forces her tongue into your mouth.

Sheila, you notice, has gotten naked and is fingering her pussy while licking Kim's balls. Kim's hand finds your pole and strokes it to hardness.

Kim's other hand strokes her pole, and precum leaks out. Kim forces your legs wide apart and rubs a precum-covered finger against your pucker. She then shifts position and presses her cock where her finger just was, pushing inexorably inward. Somehow, she gets her full 7 inches in your tight hole to the hilt.

Kim pumps in and out as she strokes your pole. Sheila is frigging herself. "One of you needs to tongue me."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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