Accept Stephanie's offer and go back with her to model the bra-and-panties set

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You nod. "That sounds good."

Stephanie gives you a smile. She picks up the set, takes your arm in her other hand, and marches to the front counter.

15 minutes later, you're in her house. She gives you a fast tour, and after a quick pit stop, the two of you head for her bedroom.

"Go head and strip," she tells you. You peel off your clothes.

Stephanie helps you get the red bra-and-panties set on. "You need a little more up top." She locates a set of falsies and slips them into the bra. The feel of the soft material against your flesh is wonderful. Your cock starts getting hard.

"That does look amazing on you. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes."

You do so, and feel Stephanie brushing things onto your face.


You open your eyes, and Stephanie turns you to face the full length mirror on the wall. Except for your stiff cock, you look like a very sexy girl. Stephanie is clearly an expert with makeup.

"Brandon, you look gorgeous."

You have to admit she's right.

"Come over here."

You walk over to Stephanie. She removes her own clothes and pulls out a strap-on. It's about as thick as your pole and perhaps eight inches long.

"I want you so badly right now."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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