Accept Tessie's offer to go to her place

From Create Your Own Story

You smile and accept her offer. Within a week you've moved in with her.

"You just blew your second chance," comes a demonic voice within your head. "I told you to make people miserable, not happy! You were supposed to cause chaos!"

"So... now what?" you ask telepathically.

"You know what," comes the response inside your mind. "Have fun with the Pollyanna, because you are officially banned from Hell. And don't ever try to come back."

As you are processing this, a new voice sounds inside your head. "The change is permanent," the sexy-sounding female angel says. Her voice sounds like silver bells. "You'll like it in Heaven when you arrive. Raised demons have the best time."

You are no longer possessing Corinne... you are Corinne. You and Tessie get married in your courtroom in front of your justice of the peace, and you live a long, happy life of luxury with your wife. And when you and she both pass away in your sleep -- on the same night -- your spirit is called to Heaven. You and Tessie spend eternity together and are happy to be that way.

You are possessing:
Court clerk
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