Accept a menial job sweeping floors at a boardinghouse in return for shelter, food, and one dollar a month

From Create Your Own Story

You take the job at the boardinghouse, determined to make something of yourself.

You put all of yourself into your sweeping, leaving the floors spotless every time. Your boss takes notice.

After a year, and 12 dollars saved, he calls you to his office.

"You're a very hard worker, Mike," he tells you. "How are you with farming?"

"I was a farmer in Ireland before coming here, sir," you respond.

"Excellent," he replies. "Some new territory has opened up out west. If you'd like to file a claim, you could go out there and be free and independent."

You nod. "Thank you for telling me, sir."

"I can always get someone else to sweep," he says. "The claims office is four blocks north of here."

Four months later, you are again a farmer, this time on the Midwestern plains of the US.

You are possessing:
Irish Immigrant
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