Accept the shelter woman's offer

From Create Your Own Story

Killing was the late Tyrone's thing. LaKeisha, however, is much more into fucking. "Sounds wonderful," you purr. "But my place is closer."

You guide the willowy blonde woman back to your apartment and after a quick tour, you both strip and climb onto the bed. She wraps her arms around your big body as your lips meet hers. You kiss until you both have to break for a breath. You feel a slight gnawing pain in your body as your tongues twine but it stops the moment you break the lip lock.

"You're a good kisser," the woman whispers.

You begin softly caressing her body. Your mouth finds its way down to her pert breasts and you suckle a nipple. She moans and gives your round rump a playful squeeze.

"I want more of you," you murmur from around her nipple.

You are possessing:
Big Black Slutty Woman
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