Accept the terms of the wager

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You stick out your hand. "I accept your wager."

Her grip is surprisingly strong as she seizes your hand in hers. "Good. Let's play."

You get a quick touchdown, but she responds in kind. The game seesaws back and forth. With the score tied at 35 and time winding down, she intercepts a pass. With seconds remaining, her running back drives over for the winning TD.

"Come along, young man," she says, taking your hand in hers -- gently, this time. "You played very well. Most of the time I win by at least 30 points against other people." You nod and walk with her towards the exit of the arcade. "By the way," she continues, "I'm Vickie Stapleton."

"Brandon Jones," you reply.

The walk to Vickie's house is short, and you chat pleasantly. She gives you the dime tour when you arrive, finishing in the bedroom.

"Go ahead and undress, Brandon," Vickie grins. "I like having men naked when they go down on me."

While you peel off your clothes, Vickie removes her top. Her breasts are perhaps C-cups, not enormous -- pert, in fact -- but quite firm. Or maybe they're in between B's and C's. You never were good at figuring out things like bra sizes, because you're not a woman. In any case, they're very attractive. Vickie notices you staring at them.

"You may kiss them if you like," she purrs. You don't hesitate. You kiss Vickie's cleavage. She wraps her arms around your naked body and caresses your back, before moving her hands down to your butt. One of her hands starts sliding in between your cheeks and her fingertip brushes against your pucker. Your cock stiffens and throbs. You suckle on Vickie's nipples for a few minutes.

Vickie finally disengages your mouth from her chest. "Time for you to fulfill your wager." She removes her skirt and panties. Her 7-inch cock, fully hard, awaits.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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