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You try to remember something of value in this dusty mind. Vikings. Napoleon. Mongolians. Russian Empire. Lincoln.

Such drivel. Such human drivel.

Then there's something else. Something fun. Something exciting.

Mr. James is married. His wife is 39, her name is Sharon, and her image looks extremely attractive for her age. You live in an apartment your teacher's salary can barely afford, but Sharon has a secure position in a law firm. Sometimes you feel she pities you. And sometimes you feel you hate her, or love her, or both. You know she probably cheats on you.

You also remember that the teacher's restroom has a hole in the wall which you use to peep at female teachers and staff. Mr. James is a dirty old man, it seems.

Oh... there's something even better. Mr. James hates his students. He wants to grab one of them, anyone, and bash his or her head in, rape a girl, make them scream. Dark thoughts, suppressed. Drowned in whiskey.

Do you:

You are possessing:
History Teacher
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