Accuse the man of chopping off his own finger

From Create Your Own Story

"Calm down, don't hurt yourself anymore," you say as you slide the knife away from him and off of the table onto the floor.

The bartender walks over and asks in shock, "What happened here?"

You say, "Quick, get a rag! This man just cut off his own finger. He needs medical attention. I am a nurse."

He throws you a dirty bar rag. You hold the rag over his stump finger and tell him to keep his hand above his heart. Next you have the bartender fetch you a small bag of ice to keep the finger alive in. When he returns, he says, "Listen buddy, get out of here. You're scaring the customers."

The drunk sobs, "I am...*hickup* to drive to drunk."

The bartender does not care and tosses him out onto the street.

Do you:

You are possessing:
Young-Looking, Pretty Mother
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