Actually, you've grown to like the taste of the gloop. Lots of it wouldn't be so bad

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Josh realizes you can't really answer given what you're doing, and instead holds up a thumb with a cocked eyebrow.

You hold up a thumb back and then look back down to concentrate on what you're doing. You stare at the patch of hair above Josh's lolly for a bit, steeling yourself for the 'lots' of gloop that you think will come out of the end.

'Faster', pants your brother, still holding your hair out of the way. You start to bob up and down as Josh too starts pushing his thing into your mouth quicker. There seems to be more gloop in your mouth (judging by the taste) and you think to yourself that actually it wasn't too bad.

Josh suddenly stops thrusting and stays quite still while you keep sucking on the top of his lolly. He shudders, and something hits the roof of your mouth. You can't help it and you open your mouth letting all the gloop drop out onto Josh's belly and lolly. It feels really slimy in your mouth and your tongue can feel slightly thicker bits too. You look and see more spill out, a bit like the volcano from Science class, and suck it up (you feel bad that you spat all of it out onto Josh). The new gloop tastes much stronger.

Josh groans and puts his head back. He's let go of your hair now so you look closer at this new gloop. The new stuff is much thicker than before and some bits are white. As it pools on Josh's abdomen you scoop some up on your fingers and lick it off of them. You decide you prefer the old gloop.

'Eat it all up', Josh says. You look up, startled as you'd thought he'd gone to sleep or something as his breathing was really slow.

You suck up the bits not in any hair and swallow. It slides down your throat, not as easy to swallow as when it had just come out.

'Ok, Miranda I gotta shower. Go and play with someone else'.

'But I want to tickle with you'.

Josh laughs and strokes your hair, 'Well maybe we can tickle another time'.

Try and get Josh to play tickling again

Go see what's for breakfast.

You are:
Miranda, age 17
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