Add Kaya's silver vibe

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You take hold of the new vibe and turn it on with a soft hum. You run the tip between your breasts then around your areola. The vibrations roll though your clamped nipples, the sensation sending your head spinning. Your hands go back to your bare pussy, a yelp coming out of you as the metal shaft brushes your sensitive love button. The tip traces several paths around your swollen labia, runs along your wet slit, and passes around the hood of your clit. You pull against your ankle cuffs as you instictively try to spread your legs and take the phallus before you cum.

You roll over and stick your ass up in the air in front of the mirror. You look back and watch the vibrator slip inside your wet, pink hole below the thick plug humming in your ass. As your raw nipples rub against your bedsheets and drool escapes the corner of your gagged mouth to run across cheek and chin, your pussy clamps down on the metal shaft. You begin pumping your tight little twat, enjoying the feeling of the metal rod rubbing opposite the latex intruder inyour rectum. You close your eyes and let waves of orgasm pass through your filled holes and bound body. You leave out hefty moans and muffled "Oh, my god" as you lose control.

Your roommate stirs again. "Please, I'm trying to sleep," she says groggily as she rolls over.

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