Agree, but humiliate her

From Create Your Own Story

You instruct Krystal. "Do not say a word unless I give you permission to talk. If you say one more thing without me telling you to speak then you will be sorry. If I tell you to do something, do it without protests or questions. Answer yes or no questions with a nod or a head shake."

The young woman evaluates the situation and cooperates, reluctantly nodding her head. She will regret this tomorrow. Your hand nonchalantly undoes the button on your trousers before you drop them to the floor.

Krystal's teary eyes grow wide with fear and her cheeks blush with a rosy glow as she stares at your exposed manhood.

"Have you ever seen a penis in real life, Krystal?" you inquire. You wipe a tear from her eye as she shakes her head no. "That's good," you say with a grin.

Do you

You are possessing:
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