Agree - if he gets your top back first

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & In A Pool

You're obviously not going to trust this guy to get you your top back after molesting you but you've got to get yourself covered somehow.

"Get me my top back first," you whisper. "Then I'm all yours." You hate yourself for saying it, but better that than being molested in public. Especially if the boy's bold enough to threaten you with all these people around.

"Yeah, right. You'll just run away."

You give a tired roll of your eyes. "And where am I going to go like this?"

The boy laughs. "Good point. Wait here."

Sure enough, the boy swims over to where your top is, grabs it, and hands it back to you.

Sighing with relief, you put it on.

"I did my part," he said. "Now it's your turn. Come with me."

"Where?" you demand.

"Someplace more private than this."

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