Agree to Kellie's double-date idea

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"Sure," you say.

Kellie smiles. "Then it's settled." She shimmies off. "Gotta get some new earrings. See you tonight, Belle."

Megan leans in and kisses Val. "And I need to check out the shoe store. They're having a sale."

3 hours later, you and Val are back home.

"We did it," Val giggles. She's taken you up to her room. "I told you you make a pretty girl."

"You were right," you acknowledge.

You meet up back at the mall for your double date, and decide to go over to Smart Alec's for dinner. The food is delicious. You're shocked at how much flavor vegetarian dishes have.

Alec himself, sometimes called Alexander the Great by those who know and like him, gives you a smile as he serves the food. "You're a new face," he observes. "These three I see fairly often. I like to encourage repeat business, so here's a coupon you can use that gives you a free entree the next time you visit. I just need your name."

"Belle," you tell him.

He enters something into a small electronic device in his hand, and hands you a printed coupon. It has your name -- "Belle" -- and your face on it and reads ONE FREE ENTREE AT SMART ALEC'S.

"Thanks," you say.

He nods in reply and heads back into the restaurant's offices.

Dinner is excellent, and the four of you head afterwards for Makeout Hill. You're in Kellie's car, and Megan is in Val's.

You help Kellie set a thick blanket on the ground and a thinner one over the two of you to cover up.

"Should we just cuddle and stargaze, or should we... more actively make out?" Kellie whispers.

Megan and Val, you note, are already sticking their tongues down each other's throats.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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