Agree to Val's suggestion

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"Sure, sis. We can come home afterwards and laugh about how we fooled everyone."

Saturday morning comes around, and you laze about and eat a late breakfast. Val eats an even later one, then takes you up to her room.

"Okay, Belle. Let's get you ready."

15 minutes later, the two of you both look stunning. Your dad is watching a game and your mom is cleaning, so with a casual "We're going out" Val shepherds you down the stairs and out the door. She's kindly given you a pair of flats, as walking in high heels takes practice.

Val drives you to the mall, and the two of you head in. Wolf whistles accompany you, but you don't know whether they're directed at you or at Val.

You're about to enter a clothing store with Val when one of her friends from college, Megan Brown, stops the two of you.

"Who's your friend, Val?"

"This is my sister, Belle."

"I didn't know you had a sister. She's pretty."

You giggle and flash Megan a smile.

Just then, one of the seniors from your high school, Kellie, approaches the two of you. She's a cheerleader and a known lesbian.

"Did I hear you say your sister, Belle? She's gorgeous! Where have you been hiding her, Val?"

You blush.

"Is she in high school?"

Val finally answers. "She's a senior, just like you, Kel. You're both of age."

"I have an idea," Kellie says. "Let's all go on a double date, like tonight. We can meet at the mall entrance at 6. Val, you and Megan pair off, and I'll take Belle."

"Fine with me," Megan replies. She runs her eyes over your sister's body.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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