Agree to go spend the night in Vickie's bed with her

From Create Your Own Story

"I'll come over to your house, sure," you whisper to Vickie.

After dinner, arrangements are made and Vickie escorts you back to her place. It's Friday, so you'll have the whole weekend to chill.

You are immediately taken into the bedroom, where you and Vickie strip down. "I want you to fuck me this time," Vickie grins.

You have no objection. Vickie lies on her back and spreads her legs. You lube up your cock and slide into her tight back-channel while she strokes her pole.

"Nice and easy," Vickie purrs. "You feel amazing."

You make slow, steady love to her. After a while, she asks you to speed up. You drill her deep and hard. You blast your load into her right as she shoots jets of sperm onto your chest and belly.

You clean up in the shower and, both still naked, head out to her living room.

"Want to watch a movie?" Vickie asks.

You nod and select...

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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