Agree to go to the boy's off-campus dwelling

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Restrained

"Let's go," you tell him.

"Great!" he says. He binds your legs as well, then wraps you in a blanket that covers all of you, including your head. He puts you in what feels like the back seat of a car and starts the engine. You fall asleep as he drives.

When you waken, your limbs are no longer bound. A collar, padded for comfort, is around your neck and a carbon-fiber wire links it to a ring on the wall of the bedroom you're in. "Uuuuhhhh," you moan. "Where...."

"Hi, babe," the boy who slipped you away last night says. He's naked and lying next to you on the bed. "I'm Bradley." You introduce yourself, and he continues with, "I'll take care of you now. The wire is long enough for you to reach the bathroom and can handle getting wet in the shower." He gestures towards a door. "I'll serve you meals in bed and worship that sexy body of yours like it deserves to be worshiped. Why don't you go ahead and do the needful now?"

You perform a necessary function. While you're in the bathroom, you notice that the shower is quite large and has shower heads on all four sides. When you return, you observe, "That's quite some shower."

Bradley smiles. "We could try it out if you like. Or I could make you a nice meal." He reaches out and scoops you into his strong young arms, lying you down next to him. His lips leave a soft trail of kisses from your neck to your upper chest, making your body shiver with pleasure. "Unless you'd prefer to have me pleasure your lusciously sexy body right now."

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