Agree to go with Beth back to her place for more fun

From Create Your Own Story

"I'll go with you," you tell Beth.

She smiles. "I'm glad, Brandon."

You dress, as does she -- her in civilian clothes now that she's off duty. Her security uniform goes into a backpack.

The two of you hold hands and chat as you walk out of the mall. Beth is actually young, only just past 20. Your big sister Valerie is about that age.

Beth tells you about her favorite video games and movies on the short walk -- maybe half a mile -- back to her apartment. She has several common interests with you.

When you get there, the two of you are sexually sated, still, from your tryst earlier, so she snuggles on the couch with you as you watch a movie together. Then sandwiches and juice for lunch, and a couple of video games. By now it's about time for school to be out.

Beth calls your house and speaks to Jessica, explaining that you are going to be spending until 4:30 with her. "She didn't seem surprised. I guess you must be a popular fella with the ladies." You blush again.

By now, the two of you are ready for more bedroom time. You proceed there, strip and make out for a few minutes. Beth whispers to you.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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