Agree to go with the preacher now to talk to the woman

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"Well, that's not a difficult request," you say. "Why not? As long as the drive isn't too far."

"Only about 15 minutes to get there," the preacher replies.

Donna rises. "Let's go, then."

The preacher says nothing en route, leaving you and the sisters to chat. When he arrives, he parks the car in front of an abandoned building. "Just go right on up the stairs to the top floor. I'll be along presently."

You, Katy, and Donna climb the stairs. "This is kind of weird, Brandon," Katy mumbles. "That preacher... something's not right about him."

"All we have to do is talk," you remind her as you emerge into the top floor of the building. A slim, blonde, naked woman is eying the three of you.

"Wrong," the woman says with a seductive smile. "All you three have to do is take your clothes off and join me."

Something about the woman inspires trust. You all quickly strip and end up lying down on some blankets. The woman's hands and tongue are over all three of your bodies. A few minutes of heavy making out follows.

"Thanks, kids," the preacher grins. "She's now under my mental control. Carry on if you like, and I'll tell all your parents you're safe. Or you can dress and return to Donna's house now."

The blonde woman glares at the preacher. "I'd like you to spend the night with me," she murmurs, turning her gaze back on the three of you.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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