Agree to hang out with the band

From Create Your Own Story

"We'd love to hang out with you guys, right Yulia?" The Russian agrees but as Jason heads backstage, you notice she seems concerned.

"What's the matter sweetie?"

"It's nothing. It's Jason your boyfriend?" she asks timidly.

"We're just friends," you lie, "I mean, sure we've slept together a couple times, but that was a while ago."

After a few more drinks, the band finishes up and you all go to Jason's house. You climb in the back seat of Jason's car as Yulia gets in front while the rest of the band follows in the drummer's truck. Yulia seems happy enough that you think she believes your little lie. Either that or she's too drunk to care.

After getting to the house and introducing Yulia to the band, do you:

You are possessing:
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