Agree to have some "fun" with Famine at her place

From Create Your Own Story

"I'd love to have some fun with you," you grin at Famine. "Lead the way."

Famine laughs. "Come along, girl."

You smile at her. "The name to scream when I'm making you climax is Taliesha."

Famine's arm wraps around you. "You're pretty and funny."

When you arrive at her living quarters, you and Famine both disrobe. You find the blankets she uses for a bed and lie down, and Famine wraps you in her arms and kisses you long and deep.

It isn't long before you are suckling on her pert breasts. She returns the favor by planting her mouth over your nipples. When you 69, you feel a gnawing pain but the pleasure her tongue gives more than makes up for it. You fall asleep with Famine holding you.

When you wake, Famine nuzzles your neck gently. "I'd love to play some more," she whispers. "But I have to maintain my cover. And I need to find Conquest. I believe he's infatuated with some college slut. You want to come along and help me find him and his little tart, or you want to go your own way? If you do, don't be a stranger. You're always welcome to join me for some... fun."

You are possessing:
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