Agree to help Famine and Conquest find out why War and Death were attacked

From Create Your Own Story

"I'll be happy to --" you start to say, but you're interrupted by an odd noise. You turn and see Conquest's body dissolving. His face and head are already gone and his body is vanishing from the top down.

"Raymond!" Famine howls. She looks around, but no one is in sight. "I'll get you, whoever you are!" Famine roars. "I will seek eternal vengeance! You killed my partner, and I will see to it that you are tortured for all eternity!"

Your jaw is hanging slackly. When you're able to speak again, the first words out of your mouth are, "What the fuck just happened?"

"Look out!" Famine screams as she leaps sideways. A massive slosh, almost as if a full bucket were thrown at her, of a clear liquid just misses catching her full in the face. Famine grabs you and pulls you to the ground. You both roll frantically towards the back of the room. In a flash, she pulls you to your feet and drags you out a back exit.

"Holy water!" she hisses. "We just barely escaped. They're after me, not you -- get out of here and work on finding out what's happening! Meet me back at my usual hideout tomorrow."

Famine sprints away down the street, leaving you standing, shocked, where you are.

You are possessing:
7-11 Clerk
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