Agree to join Karen in her apartment

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"Sure, Karen," you tell her. "Sounds good."

You follow the hefty blonde into her apartment. The two of you settle on the couch and chat for a bit, while teasing each other by slipping hands beneath clothing and caressing bare flesh. The sexual tension amps up.

"I think we both know what we want," Karen says as she pushes her big body up from the couch.

You follow her lead. "Yep."

Two minutes later, the two of you are naked and 69ing in her bed. You tongue each other until you've both climaxed to the point of total sexual sated-ness. Then you untangle from each other and lie on the bed, spent.

You look up a few minutes later, having finally reoxygenated your body enough to move, and see the preacher standing in the room.

"You two do put on a good show," he chuckles. "It's amazing how wonderful the sex can be when big girls are involved. But that's not why I'm here."

You give him a look that says, "Go on."

"Monica, I have a task for you. But if you're too worn out, I can come back tomorrow and you can do it then."

You are possessing:
7-11 Clerk
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