Agree to join Trina and Lyssa at Trina's house

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Sexing

"I like that sound of that," you tell them.

Trina grins. Her long red curls come past her shoulders as she rises to her feet. "Shall we?"

Lyssa's short, straight brown hair looks almost military, but her soft eyes and gentle smile make her look very pretty. "I'm ready."

The three of you proceed maybe 500 yards through a densely forested area. Seemingly out of nowhere a row of houses appear. Trina opens the back gate of a fenced back yard and lets you and Lyssa through. After closing and locking the gate, the three of you walk over to the house. Trina presses her palm against an electronic device and what appears to be a section of blank wall opens.

"Doors are outdated," Trina giggles as you observe with amazement. 3 minutes later, the three of you are cleaning your bodies in a large shower with faucets on all 4 walls. Five minutes after that, Lyssa and Trina are groping your body [and each other]. Lyssa's mouth clamps onto your nipple. Her tongue flickers over it and you moan.

"Time to head for the bedroom," Lyssa smiles. After a stream of warm, dry air seems to siphon the moisture off your body, you are ushered into a room with an enormous bed. It's quite comfortable and you, Trina and Lyssa kiss and tease each other for a bit, not in any hurry.

After everyone is turned on and three pussies are juicing, it's agreed that a daisy chain would be good.

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