Agree to let your perverted brother spy on you

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"Okay, fine. Just give me the rubber."

Your brother hands you the little packet and you head back to your bedroom. Jessie has spent her time slipping out of her dress and shoes. You love the sight of the cute little blonde in front of you wearing only her choker, a little chain dangling from her navel and two small metal balls through her pierced clit. You turn off the light and leave the door cracked as you approach the bed. While the open door is concealed in shadows, the moonlight across your bed will give your brother a decent view.

You approach Jessie and put your hands on her shoulders. You can see her breathing heavily as she reaches for your shirt and pulls it over your head. Your lips meet as you slide your hand onto her breast, her arms wrapping around your strong back. Jessie laughs as you put your arms around her and pick her up, turning her on the bed to make sure your perverted sibling can see her.

"Allow me," Jessie says with a giggle as she takes the condom from you. She opens your pants and strokes your hard member before rolling the latex sleeve down your shaft. Jessie lies back and spreads her legs, but you roll her over instead. "Oh yeah, take me stud," she says as you grab her curvy hips and slip into her wet pussy from behind. You fuck her slow and deep as Jessie moans in delight. Taking hold of her ponytail, you gently pull back, coaxing her up onto her hands. Jessie's perky tits bounce under her as your pounding quickens, your hand rubbing her smooth ass.

Soon Jessie buries her face in the blanket as she starts to cum. As she moans into the sheets, the door creaks loudly. Jessie jumps and turns the light on, allowing her to see your brother standing in the hall with his dick in his hand. She grabs the blanket and quickly wraps it around her as she stares at your brother.

Do you:

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