Agree to return to Temeka's place with her

From Create Your Own Story

"Sure, sounds good," you tell Temeka.

"Great!" she grins. She scoops you up and cradles you against her chest as she strides down the street. As promised, it's a short walk to her place.

Holding you with one hand, she keys open the door with the other. She locks it behind her as she carries you inside.

Once there, she puts on some very relaxing instrumental music and lights several large candles that fill the air with a pleasant-smelling vapor. You can't seem to find a reason to stop her as she strips you down to your underwear and removes all of her clothes except her panties.

Temeka carries you over to the couch and lies down, placing you on top of her. Your head is resting against her bare breasts. She gently caresses your face, and your feel your eyes start to close.

"Let all the tension flow out of you," Temeka whispers.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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