Agree to spent the night with Katy after you call your folks to inform them

From Create Your Own Story

You pull out your cell phone and let your dad know what's happening. Once you have permission, you inform the sisters that you will spend the night.

The walk back to Katy's house is pleasant. Her parents light up upon seeing Donna again. Katy's sister takes them into the living room while Katy takes you to the bedroom. You quickly finish the studying part of the day and then get on Katy's bed with her.

You remove your shirt, as does Katy, and the two of you lie still, cuddled with her head on your chest. The skin-to-skin contact is wonderful.

Donna calls you down for dinner. Everyone is happy. The food is delicious.

When you go back into Katy's room, she asks you to strip. She does likewise and you both climb under the covers. Katy once again snuggles against you and rests her head on your upper chest, but this time she reaches her hand down to gently stroke your stiff pole.

Do you:

You are possessing:
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