Agree to stay at Nell and Terry's house

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Horny

"Take me to your dwelling," you tell them.

Nell grins. "I figured you'd say yes."

It doesn't take long to arrive. Inside, it's a good 20 degrees cooler, but still pretty warm. Nell and Terry strip, and you follow their example. The three of you enter the master bedroom, where an enormous bed that could easily hold 10 people is present. You all lie down, Nell and Terry nestled together while you are separated by several feet.

Terry, you notice, has a lovely 7-inch cock that is fully erect. He observes where you're looking. "I can't help it," he tells you. "When Nell is naked and next to me..."

Nell giggles. "He has the same effect on me. I hope you're not easily embarrassed." She lip-locks with her husband and begins stroking his pole. His hand snakes between her legs and he begins fingering her. Within minutes, Nell is lying on her back with her legs spread as Terry's rod slides in and out of her. The sight has your pussy leaking.

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