Agree to stay with Vickie for some time longer, but call your parents so they don't worry

From Create Your Own Story

"Let me just call home," you say. Vickie passes you a cordless phone. You make a quick phone call, so your parents don't freak out. Then you hand Vickie the phone back and relax into her arms.

"I like you, Brandon," Vickie murmurs. Her delicate caresses feel soothing. You let your eyes close...

You come slowly awake. You're lying on your right side. Vickie is pressed against you from behind. Her lips brush delicately against your neck. Her pole is rubbing in between your butt cheeks and she has one hand very lightly stimulating your balls with her fingertips.

You instinctively press back against her, grinding your butt more firmly against her rod. Her tongue traces over the nape of your neck, and you shiver.

"You were asleep for about an hour," Vickie whispers. "Are you ready for round two?"

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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