Agree to switch to the side of God

From Create Your Own Story

"Good," the man says. "Welcome to the side of-"

Before he can finish, an arrow flies through the air and hits a spot in front of you, pinning the now visible man to the wall. A second arrow hits the woman in the eye. You get a short glimpse of her, before she fades away.

"Thought you saw the last of me?" Conquest exclaims triumphantly, rifle in hand. "Guess again!"

"How?" the man snarls. "Holy water should have destroyed you!"

"I'm not a demon," Conquest replies. "I only fight for what I believe in and I sure don't agree with Satan's philosophy."

"You're lying!" the man screams. He manages to grab a bucket of holy water and toss it, but the liquid has no effect on the horseman. Conquest responds by finishing the man off with a shot to the head.

"If you want to report this to Famine, go ahead," Conquest tells you as he slings his weapon over his shoulder. "I have my own agenda."

He quickly leaves through the door.

You are possessing:
7-11 Clerk
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