Agree to walk Consuela to school tomorrow

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"I'd like that," you murmur. Consuela kisses you again, and you leave.

You hold hands as you walk her to school. She stops every few minutes to kiss you.

After school, you two quickly finish studying and head back to her house. You've already called your parents to let them know.

You both kick off your shoes and lie on her bed. After some more kissing. Consuela makes a gesture. You obediently lie still while she unbuttons her shirt. She leans over and you kiss her cleavage, then kiss her nipples through her bra.

"I see you have him trained well."

Consuela's mom is standing in the room. Her husband is watching from the doorway with amused eyes.

"Just don't force yourself on him without using these."

Consuela's father steps inside and places a bowl of condoms on the end table.

"I did the same thing with him at that age." Consuela's mom squeezes her husband's hand. "And I can still get him to do anything I want in bed. Which is where we'll be going after dinner."

"Yes, dear," her husband meekly replies. They turn to leave.

Consuela's mom looks over her shoulder. "Dinner in five, kids."

After dinner...

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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