Aim for her face and hair

From Create Your Own Story

"Please, Valerie, let me see it..." You moan, stroking your cock rapidly.

Valerie complies, first sinking to her knees, then opening her legs. A dark wet spot forms, and she rubs the goo around within the jeans until its all a solid, saturated black. "Oh, god, it's still so warm..." She shudders even as your cum begins flowing out her pant legs. "The... It felt so good... My full pussy-"

You shoot your final load for now across the room, getting big, white strands in her hair, on her lips, and a perfect three-pointer between her tits. The next shot lands on an already-dark patch on her shirt, enforcing her absolute sluttiness.

Given this fine work of art, you decide to...

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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