Aim his prick so that he fires on his own face, chest and belly

From Create Your Own Story

You tilt his cock back towards his face as you stroke him. His eyes glaze over and he lets out a gasping moan as you milk the cum out of his balls, sending shot after shot squirting through the air. He finally slows and then stops as you stroke him to get the last drops out, leaving him completely drained.

His face, chest and belly are a white, gooey mess. His eyes are unfocused as he slowly tries to recover. You give him a smile. "Well done."

"Uhhhhhh," he moans as you remove your hand from his softening cock.

"I'll have to keep you around," you murmur. "That was very impressive."

"I'm a mess," he mumbles.

You are possessing:
Wet, Naked Woman with Auburn Hair
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