Aim your old pecker at her other hole

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There's a container of liquid hand soap in Krystal's purse, so you squirt a large glob on her anus and rub another glob on the tip of your old cock. Holding your hand to the top of her head, you grab your rod and push against her sphincter. Krystal isn't trying to object, but her anus stays clamped shut. You wiggle your finger inside instead to get a little opening, then quickly replace it with your cock. You push with all your might and force your head past her anal ring, causing Krystal to scream. Krystal's howling causes the neighbors' dog to bark, but you ignore it.

You focus on pumping this tight ass. Her defiled rectum squeezes tightly, trying to force you out. Every thrust pushes you a little deeper into her bowels, and the warmth and tightness excites you more. You take her hips in both hands and drive the final inch into her. She's moaning uncontrollably at the pain in her back passage, but it only turns you on more. You fuck her violently until your streams of cum fill her ass.

You pull your shit-covered cock out and Krystal's head drops to the bed, passed out and fucked silly.

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