Alex is at the door, watching

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"You fucking bitch..."

The sound of your husband's voice makes your heart jump into your throat. You turn towards Miranda's bedroom door as you feel the blood drain out of your face. You closed the door, didn't you? Did you lock it? It's not like he couldn't unlock it.


Glaring at you with anger, he stands leaning against the door frame, his robe loosely covering his boxers.


Miranda pushes herself off of Josh's dick and quickly shuffles out of her bed. In seconds she's running toward her father, but she's barely two strides in when her legs give out from under her and she crumples to the carpet. She's clearly weak and disoriented after being impaled on her brother's shaft, but she's equally as clueless. Miranda just picks herself up and stumbles the rest of her way to daddy.

"Daddy...! I just... rode Joshie...! Like a pony!" Miranda gasps her words, mostly out of breath.

Alex scoops up his daughter, careful to keep her legs together as her crotch is visibly pasted with semen. "I saw that! Was that mommy's idea?"

"Uh-huh! You should try! He's fun!"

You look back to Josh. He is almost frozen in place, naked on his sister's bed. He's clearly just as scared as you are. But he's still hard, his dick glistening in the early morning sun. The virility of young men has always astounded you.

"I might ride him another time sweetie. I'm actually here for mommy."

"Oh! Mommy! Is daddy your pony?"

Alex shakes his head. "No sweetie, if anything she's my pony. And my pony has misbehaved." Alex takes a few slow steps towards the bed, making you anxious. "Do you know what we do to bad ponies?"

"You... control them, right?"

"You punish them."


"Josh?" Alex starts. "You're going to clean up your mess. But you're doing it with your tongue."

Josh cringes and shakes his head. "I'm sorry! It wasn't m-"

"Shut up. You're going to eat everything you just pumped into your sister and you're gonna fucking like it and you're not going to stop until I tell you to."

"Alex, please, don-"

"You..." Holding Miranda with one hand, Alex grabs a fistful of your hair and drags you to the floor. "Sit."

You swallow hard, already filled with regret for letting your lust control you, but you're still composed enough to comply with his order.

"And you," he says to his daughter, lightening his tone, "get to sit right on your brother's face."

"Really? Naked?" she asks with a giggle.

"That's right. He's going to make you feel good. And if he doesn't," he warns, lowering Miranda over Josh's mouth, "you have my permission to hit him until he does."

Miranda smiles in shock, almost giddy with the power she's been given. The moment her daddy puts her down she's already in hyper-bossy mode, bouncing all of her weight on her brother's head shouting, "Eat it, eat it!"

With your daughter sorted out, your husband turns to you. You stare up at him pleadingly, knowing that you don't have an excuse worth giving. He grabs you by your hair again and lifts sharply. Throwing your limbs toward the floor is all that you can do to prevent him from scalping you with his hands. But before you know it, you're standing in front of him, your neck bending backward as Alex continues to pull on your hair.

"You selfish cunt." His words seep through clenched teeth, filled with frustration and betrayal. "For years you said Jess was too young. Then, suddenly, she was too old. Then you said Josh needed to hit puberty. And then you got pregnant with Miranda and your 'priorities changed'. All of those promises, those... lies... and for what? So you could keep them all for yourself?"

"It's not like that, I swe-" a slap cuts you off.

"I watched. I saw exactly 'what it's like', bitch. But unlike you, I'm going to give you what you want."

Alex pulls the fabric belt out of his robe then spins you around, pulling your hands behind your back. You feel a tight knot secure your wrists behind you and thrusting your chest forward. When he spins you back to face him you're about to apologize again when he kisses you angrily. His fingers slide up into your hair and pulls back firmly. Your scalp is already sore, but the firm and commanding grip he now has is making you wet all over again.

Alex pulls away and rips open your pajama top. Most of the buttons go flying, but the two at the bottom remain intact and secured. He pushes the top off of your shoulders and leans in toward your tits. A sloppy kiss on your nipple turns into sloppy sucking, coaxing a moan from your lips. And then he bites you. Hard. Too hard. You start to squeal but manage to silence yourself. You force your eyes to open as the pain starts to subside. The first thing you see is your youngest daughter staring down into her brother's eyes as he laps at her pussy, his dick pulsating freely in the air.

Alex rises and spits into your mouth. Their is indeed a hint of blood in his saliva. Guiding you forward, he then positions you next to the bed.

"You don't deserve to like this. But I know you will."

Your bottoms are quickly tugged down your legs. You obediently step out of them once they've hit the floor. Then you feel your husband grab the neck of your pajama top, bunched in the middle of your back, and push forward, bending you over the bed and toward... your son's erection.

Dropping the rest of the way willingly, you throw your mouth on Josh's cock. Clearly startled, you see his legs shift and hear a muffled groan. The taste of your son's semen-coated dick hits your tongue followed by the back of your mouth. He's still rock hard and his cum tastes as good as you had imagined. But bent so far over it's hard to support yourself. With your hands tied behind your back it takes a lot of focus and effort just to lift your upper body to keep your son's cock out of your throat. Part of you feels lucky that he still isn't as big as his father.

"How are you doing, baby girl?"

"This feels... good," replies Miranda. "But also funny. I feel tingly."

You gasp around Josh's rod when you feel your husband part your ass cheeks and slip his dick into your pussy.

"Good. That means Josh is doing his job."

Alex slams into you violently, bottoming out in one thrust. Slowly pulling back, he then bucks forward again, his crotch slapping loudly against you. It feels like he's punching your cervix with his dick.

"But Daddy, I don't think there's anything left for him to eat."

"Trust me sweetie, he's not done yet. Just enjoy yourself."

Another deep impact inside you makes you shudder. Your mouth went for your son's penis so eagerly but now it seems like you're stuck here. You can barely hold yourself up high enough to have 'most' of Josh's cock in your mouth, as opposed to all of it. But when Alex slams into you, your abs tense in shock and then relax, lowering you at least half an inch farther than you want to be on your son's cock. What you want to be doing is giving your boy the best blowjob of his life, but for now keeping yourself balanced is more important.

Try to pleasure Alex, rolling your hips into him

Move to one side so you can rest your head against Josh's stomach

You are:
Chelsea, age 36
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