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Content normally found in R-rated movies, no explicit sexual content or sadistic violence:

TitlePagesNotes UNDERTALE: Surface Life (Public) Please use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Any contributions that do not follow these rules will be deleted.
101st 10 (Public)
The Assassin's Guild W.I.P. (Public)
Ragnarok Under Construction (Public)
You Are God W.I.P. (Public)
120 Minutes Remain 66 (Private) Under Construction
710: Future Assassin 10 (Do Not Edit)
1943 35 (Public)
1968 6 (Do Not Edit)
5,000 B.C. 0 (Public)
mlpAri W.I.P. private
1st Day Of Highschool 0
An Actual Awesome Adventure 21 (Do Not Edit)
Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf 13 (Do Not Edit)
Adventure through Mythology 20+ (Do Not Edit)
The Adventures of CJ: Vol. 1 10+ (Do Not Edit)
Adventures of Ty (or Others) 13+ (Public) Please Contribute
Aleron 16+
Alorias Glory 8 (Public)
Aftermath 41 (Public)
Agent Black 70 (Public)
All But One 0 (Private) Under Construction
Amnesia 50+
Am I Dreaming? 13+ (Private)
Another Naruto Story 7+ (Private)
Another Pointless Story (The Ultimate Showdown) 101+
An Apocalypse Story 3 (Private)
Apocolyptia 4+
Automaton Soul W.I.P (Private)
Assassination Games W.I.P (Do Not Edit)
Assassins of the CIA 6 (Do Not Edit)
Awake 45
Awakened World: 7yrs Later 43 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Back in Time Again 100+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Back To Freddy's 0 (Private)
Badassery 20+
Batman vs Joker 17 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Battle of the Labyrinth 0 (Private)
The Battle for the Earth 10+ (Public)
Battle Royale 200+ (Public)
Beta Experiment: DNA Death Match 13+ (Do Not Edit)
Bio Wars  ? (Do Not Edit)
Black and White Backpack 6 (Do Not Edit)
Bleach: An RPG ? (Do Not Edit)
The blood disease 3 (Do Not Edit)
Bloodshed 16+
Bloodsport 54 (Just beginning, seeking other writers to add their own characters into the story.)
Blood Sunrise 25+
Book of Satan 13+ (Do Not Edit)
The Bracelet Mystery 1 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The Bringers of Chaos 9+ (Do Not Edit)
Burning Leaves 12 (Do Not Edit)
The Bulletman 14
Byzantium 0 (Do Not Edit)
Can YOU Survive? WIP (Public) (please do not edit without asking)
Carnage 1+ (Do Not Edit)
Cartoonish Chronicles 1+ (Do Not Edit)
Catacombs 16 (Public)
Catch me if you can (Public) (Free to edit but don't kill off any major characters without asking)
Choice of Arms 5 (Public)
Choose your own Naruto Adventure 200+ (Do Not Edit)
Chronicle 0 (Do Not Edit)
Chronicles of Darkness A.K.A New World of Darkness- First Edition 0 Please refer to Idea Pitches before doing anything here.
City Life 12
City Life Manhattan 22+
Clock Tower: School of Devils 10+
Coffee 0 (Private)
Collapse  ? (Private)
College Wars 17 (Do Not Edit)
College of Killings 2 (Do Not Edit)
Complete,Utter Randomness 12+
The Conductor 0 (Do Not Edit)
Critical Control 5 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Critical Thoughts 11
The Chronicles of Strange I. 200+ (Do Not Edit)
Darkened Hope 30+
Dating Game 34+
A day at high school 0
A Day In The Life Of A Dangerous Hitman 24+
D-Day 1944  ? (Do Not Edit)
Dead Reckoning 8 (Do Not Edit)
Dead Town 0 (Do Not Edit)
Death Comes Quickly 25+ (Do Not Edit)
Demon Hunter 5
Demon College 8 (Public)
Desperate Road Trip 49 (Do Not Edit)
Dogfight over Europe 35+
Doll House 40+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Dovahkiin W.I.P. (Public)
Don't Die 35
Donut Factory 2 (Do Not Edit)
Day In The Life: Vacation!!! 5 (Public)
The Deadly Creed 4 (Public)
Dibite W.I.P. (Public) Please contribute (Not all branches contain mature content, Please mark)
Diaper Virus W.I.P (Public) if you want to contribute please do
A Distress Signal 14 (Public)
Doll House 40+ (Private)
Dragon Ball Z 1+ (Private)
Dragon Ball Z:Quest 60+ (Do Not Edit)
Dragon Ball: your very own story 3+ (Do Not Edit)
Dragon ball ZT 19+ (Do Not Edit)
Drug Wars WIP (Do Not Edit)
Duel fates 15+
Encounter With Your Ex 3+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Escape from Syria 175+ (Do Not Edit)
Exalted: Second Edition 0 (Public) Please refer to Idea Pitches section before doing anything here.
Faction (Gay) WIP (Do Not Edit)
F.R. Theory 20+ (Do Not Edit)
Fiddlers Green 8
Fogwood High: The Game 30+
Game of Thrones 0 (Private)
Gears of war time 50+ (Do Not Edit)
Gehenna 23 (Editing rules inside.)
The Bringers of Chaos 13+
The Giant Building With A Million Rooms 175+
The Girl Down the Street 20
The Great War of Earth 7
The Grey Manor 5+ (Do Not Edit)
Glorious Bloods 2 (Do Not Edit)
Harry Potter: New Adventures at Hogwarts  ? (Private)
Hero's or Villains 10 (Do Not Edit)
Hetalia:A Sleep Over At America's House 5 (Do Not Edit)
Hetalia Days 0 (Do Not Edit)
High School Blues 30+ (Do Not Edit)
High School Drama and Romance is Stupid 10+ (Do Not Edit)
HighSchool  ? (Do Not Edit)
Hitman 11+ (Do Not Edit)
Hoboken Has Gone to Hell 25+ (Public)
Hollywood U (based on the game)  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The horrors 10+ (Do Not Edit)
How I Became A Necromancer 4
How to Be a Princess 11 (Private)
Hunteria's Rising 10+ Collaboration with Rwenmax and Michaltheanhur
Identity Crisis 5 (Do Not Edit)
Identity Gun  ? (Do Not Edit)
I like Cookie 10+
Immortal You  ? (Do Not Edit)
In The Army 25+
In The Beginning 3+
Infectional Survival 13+ (Do Not Edit)
InFeRnO 4
Insert Word Here 2
An Interactive Game Of Thrones Story  ? (Do Not Edit) Unless You Are Authorized by me
It's Not Hard to Fail, It's Not Easy to Win 5 (Public)
It's Only Wednesday 5+
Jim's Barbeque 15+
Jojo's Choose Your Own Bizarre Adventure 0 If you wish to edit or make any suggestions on the CYOS, please contact Fredhot16.
July 5-6, 1944 6 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Katarina's Adventures 50+ (Do Not Edit)
Kelly plays a barbarian girl 5 (Do Not Edit)
Kemp 10 (Public)
A KlAksakAR's adventures in the Empire of MikkoMMM 10 (Public)
Kidnapped 31 (Do Not Edit)
A Knights Quest 20+
Krime or Kop King 7+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of a Legend 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of an Abused Emo 3+ (Public)
Life Of a Rouge 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Life of Rayne 0
Life of Who? 2+ (Do Not Edit)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Romance) 12 (Public)
Luigi and Mario Stories 175+
Machine of Magic 33 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Magical World of Hetalia 25+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Mahjor's Box 8 (Do Not Edit)
MalinovyÄ­ - The Red Planet 8 (Public)
The Martyred  ? (Do Not Edit)
Medieval Life 11
Mess Effect 2 50+
Your story 0 public or private
Monster Hunter  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
moon light 8+
My Only Stars! WIP ((Public), but it's preferred if you're part of the Ensemble Stars fandom before editing!)
My Little Pony Love is Magic 0 (Private)
Naruto's Friend, you 25+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Nations At War 15+
Nature Calls on a Nature Hike 7
The Never-Ending Quest 30+
The Never Ending Quest for Prison 0 (Do Not Edit)
A New Beginning 12
A New Life 40+ (Public)
The New Overmind 10+ (Public)
A New Persona 3+ (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The Next Day 3 (Do Not Edit)
the night at home 14
Nikon Academy  ? (Do Not Edit)
Perspective WIP (Do Not Edit)
Nothing Hidden 0
Nudisma Terena 0 (Public)
Obelisk  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Office Lady 5 (Public)
OF, Z!!! 9 (Public)
On a Boat 7 (Public)
One Princess, Four Princes? Choices. 15 (Public)
The Only One  ?
Our Way 7+ (Private)
out in the woods 6
The Outbreak 7 (Do Not Edit)
Perverticus 4
Piggy's Day 466 (Public)
Points of Light 0 (Private)
Politica 4 (Do Not Edit) (Spanish)
Poke 5 (Do Not Edit)
The Powers That Be 2 (Do Not Edit)
Prom ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Pure(Lesbian romance stories) ? (Private) Rated mature for lesbian content but no adult content
Psychodude 30+ (Public)
quest to kill tutorial genie 6 (Public)
Rebellion 5+ (Do Not Edit)
A random story 333+
A Random Story About Random Stuff 100+
Random III 25+
Random Four 25+
The Random Quota 5 (Private)
Realm of Wonders  ? (Private)
Remember 70 (Do Not Edit) (<--Previously Featured!)
Rescue 36 (Do Not Edit) (Complete)
Resident evil 53 (Public)
Resident Evil RPG 3 (Do Not Edit)
Run From The Mob 10+ (Public)
Say Goodbye 11+ (Private)
School Life 6 (Do Not Edit)
Seek 10 (Do Not Edit)
Segon 103 (Do Not Edit)
Sengoku Basara: Romance 24 (Do Not Edit)
Serial X 25+ (Public)
Sh*t Happens, in Your Town. 12+ (Do Not Edit)
Short And Random Stories 250+ (25 stories)
The Short But True Story of The Secret Passage 25+
Short of Darkness 2
Sisters Love 15+ (Do Not Edit)
Silent Hill: Distorted Fantasies 80+ (Do Not Edit) (Previously Featured)
Skyrim Adventures  ? (Private)
Sleepless Night 0 (Private)
Smile 180+
Sniper 38+ (Do Not Edit)
Sonic 1 10 (Public)
Sonic & Shadow 26
soul evolution 6+ (Public)
Space Ship Excalibur 14 (First Mission complete, more to come!)
Spirit Warp 40+ (Do Not Edit) feel free to play though!
splinter cell 3+
Spongebob's Day Off 90+
Spongebob the apocalypse 25+
Spongebob VS Patrick 40+
Spongebob Squarepants: A Dish Served Cold 8 (Public)
Spongebob Gone Wrong 5+ (Public)
Star wars ? (Private)
Star Wars: Dawn of the New Republic 13
Survival 30+
Survivor: Zombie Apocalypse 4 (Do Not Edit)
Super Self-Help Survival Guide  ? (Do Not Edit)
Super Survival 17+
Swimming Pools  ?
The Paths We Take WIP (Do Not Edit)
the sword of death 0 (Do Not Edit)
The Dark Assassin 30+ (Public)
Team Fortress 2: RED vs BLU 30+ (Do Not Edit)
Team Fortress 2: Spy vs. Sniper 40+
Tesco Midnight Run 25+
Thought Of Me 200+
Time for Master time  ? (Do Not Edit)
The Touch Of Fear  ? (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Tres_Coetus_Coloris 50 (Do Not Edit)
Triforce 30+ (Do Not Edit)
The Twin Empires 10+ (Ask for permission) Continuing the main storyline, seeking other writers to help grow the story by adding their own characters
The Undead 50+ ((Public) Help Wanted!)
UNITY: The fall of humanity 7+ (Do Not Edit)
University Secrets! 14 (Public)
Unknown Tales 2+ (Public)
Unfractured 0+ (Do Not Edit)
Untitled 1 (Public)
The Unsuspecting Adventurer 1 (Do Not Edit)
Urban Explorer: A Descent Into Madness 30+
Violence 20
AMC's The Walking Dead  ? Based on the Walking Dead show by AMC. This is a fan story, I do not own Walking Dead or its content. Written by Alex Brownstone
The Ward 0 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
The War Fighter Program  ? Collaboration with Michaltheanhur
war in Europe 100+
Fictional Stories from WW2 0 (Private)
Warhammer: Sartosa, City of Pirates 150+
Warhammer 40,000: Renegade 6 (Public)
The Wasteland 11 (Public)
Week of the Zombies 25+
Welcome, Governor: A tale of the Terran Commonwealth 0 ((Private) PM for details.)
Whodunit? 0 (Do Not Edit)
A World Blooms 88 (Do Not Edit)
World Undone 15+
Xozen Infection 34+ A zombie Story, (Public)
YOUR CRAZY 18 (Public)
Your Own Game of Life 1 (Public)
Your story 0 (Public)
Zach 15+
Zed Day 3 (Do Not Edit)
Zombies 6
Zombie Apocalypse 8 (Do Not Edit)
Zombie blood 35+
Zombie Castle 80+ (Do Not Edit)
Zombie Judgement Day 35+
Zombie Overlord (Mmmm...Brains) 50+ (Public)
Zombies NOT AGIAN 13 (Do Not Edit)
Zombies city 3 (Do Not Edit)
Zombehz 10+ (Public)
A Firebending Story (Private) Under Construction. Do NOT edit.
Zombies 2.0  ? (Public)
Zombie Apocalypse: Reverse Harem?!  ? (Do Not Edit)
Super-Dream ? (Public) Please edit! The fire and blood powers are not finished, and you're free to finish them.
Murder Mystery 18+ (Private) A Simple Adventure0 (Public)
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