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PG13 Stories

FOR 10+: For more advanced readers. Please keep these G - PG-13. Please remove any content that exceeds this.
Avast! A Pirate Story 189 Pages Contact me Before Editing
Crusader 11 Pages
Crusader 2: Paladin 11 Pages
DARKNESS 127 Pages
Dead Kid 140 Pages
Fantasy Quest 160 Pages
Hunting Again for Red October 102 Pages
Quest of the Magician 13 Pages
Subject 413 120 Pages (Public)
Superdickery Superman Adventure 183 Pages
The Many Rooms 222 Pages
Transylvanian Terror 159 Pages (Public)
The Legend of Zelda: Quest of the Master Sword W.I.P. Contact me before you edit
Xbox Down W.I.P. public--please edit!
Swords and Spells 0 0 (Do Not Edit)
2012 33 (Public)
Adventures at Hogwarts 18 (Private)
Becoming a creepypasta 9 (Private) unless you know a whole lot about Creepypasta and you understand what I'm doing!
The Adventures of Sir Generic-Knight-a-lot 6 (Public)
The Adventures of St. Pigeonations 19 (Private)
Wild Wolf 0 (Private - please do not edit)
Outdoor Survival8(Public) Contact me before editing!
Homebots W.I.P. (Public)

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