Allow Chad to take Miranda's asshole

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"Sure bro!" you say slamming Miranda down onto your cock with her moaning and breathing heavy.

Chad comes over to you and moves his dick up to your sisters tight little recently virgin asshole, You hold her up as he positions his cock and then with one drop both your cock and Chad's go deep into Miranda. She looks at you squirming and breathing heavy "oh yes" she lets out showing that she is going to be a true slut one day. You and chad both slam into her little body both of you grunting as your cocks complete fill the poor girl.

Pretty soon you are laying on the bed with Miranda riding you and seeming like she loves it, Chad is behind her slamming her cute little butt and spanking her. "feels good" she says taking a beating in her asshole. Miranda stops and you can feel chad moving between the walls of her ass and pussy as she just moves her arms on you and looks up at you with a pouty like face, her body moving back and forth as she is getting fucked from behind.

You eventually start breathing hard and fucking her again and shoot a huge load of cum into your little sisters abused pussy. you get her off of you and look at her as she looks like she loved it. Chad gets behind her quickly and starts to fuck her ass again doggy as he looks at you and smiles and then goes back to focusing on her. "Do you like getting ass-fucked, Miranda?" Chad said pounding his hard dick into her. Miranda looks at you like shes not sure what to say then just puts her head down and moans.

Watch chad fuck Miranda's ass

Tell chad you want to try her ass out

Stop and bring Miranda home

You are:
Josh, age 15
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