Allow her to continue

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With your limbs cuffed, you really can't do much, and Keisha is sending enjoyable sensations through your body. You half-close your eyes and allow the waves of pleasure to surge through you.

Keisha rotates her body around, still stroking your pole and giving it a lick or two, and lowers her dripping box towards your face. You stick out your tongue and she presses her slit down onto it, allowing you access to the pink interior. You thirstily lap at her juices, and she purrs.

You slide your tongue deeper inside her, and her legs lock around your head. Her hand continues its motions, and your stiff, throbbing cock twitches with excitement. You lick Keisha to first one, then a second, orgasm.

She pivots again and impales herself on your pole. You shudder as she begins bouncing up and down, her internal muscles squeezing with every downward motion. She climaxes twice more within moments, and your balls feel like they're about to burst.

Keisha climbs off of you and un-cuffs your ankles, bending your body so that your pole is pointed directly at your own face, and starts stroking it again, just slow enough to keep you right on the edge.

"Ready to cum, slave? Open up."

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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