Allow him to rape your pussy

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You feel his cock head push into your dry pussy, and you ball your fist into your mouth and bite down hard to keep from screaming. Thankfully, he has a very thin dick, but he makes up for it by violently thrusting into you. He grabs your auburn hair and pulls your head back while jack hammering his hips against you. As you squirm on his dick, he changes angles so that he rams it all over your insides. It's not long before a mix of blood and pussy juice oozes down your leg, and you can spit blood from biting your own hand.

The violent pounding knocks you off balance and you collapse at the base of the pole. The rapist stays on top of you, using his weight to pin you to the ground. Your naked chest scrapes against the rough pavement with each thrust. Your plugged ass is burning, your pussy is bloodied and bruised, and your chest is being rubbed raw and still you do not make a sound. The warm sensation growing between your legs leaves you breathless and you cum just as you feel streams of spunk shoot from the grunting man's cock.

"Now that was the bravest virgin I ever saw!" the man says, panting heavily.

"You definitely deserve a little something. What do you want?"

Do you:

You are possessing:
12th Grade Girl (Katy)
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