Allow yourself to fall asleep in Laryssa's arms

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Happy

It's been an exhausting day in so many ways. You close your eyes and drift into dreamland.

When you slowly filter back to consciousness, you feel Laryssa's arms wrapped around you from behind. The redhead's hands are cupping your breasts and her lips are resting against your neck. "Uhhhh," you mumble.

"Morning, love," Laryssa whispers. "I think I wore you out yesterday."

You blink the sleep out of your eyes. "I guess so."

Laryssa nestles her body more snugly against yours. Her fingertips gently tease your nipples to stiffness. "I like you a lot, love," she husks. "Why don't you stay for a while?"

You rotate your body within her grasp so you're facing her. "What length of time did you have in mind?"

The redhead softly caresses your rump with one hand, making you shiver slightly with pleasure, and with her other hand produces a small box. "As long as we both like each other," she giggles, opening the box. It has about 10 rings of various sizes. "These are promise rings. Pick one that fits. It's a simple, unadorned copper band, and as long as we wear them, we promise to be with each other. For a few months, a few years, maybe a lifetime if we never tire of each other's company. If we do, we return the rings to the box and go our separate ways."

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