Allow yourself to fall asleep in Mama Kay's arms

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Relaxed

You've had a very long day. You close your eyes and let yourself fade into sleep.

You come slowly awake. The room is completely dark. You feel Mama Kay's body next to yours. Your head is resting against her chest.

You keep your eyes closed. You feel Mama Kay holding you. "That's better," she whispers. "You had a good, long sleep. Let Mama Kay take care of you."

You snuggle closer to her. "Does that include sex?" you murmur.

Mama Kay giggles. "If you'd like it to." She lightly kisses your neck.

"Right now, I need a bathroom," you say.

Mama Kay rises, lights a kerosene lamp, and points to a door. You perform a necessary function and return to the bed.

"If you're still traumatized, I could just hold you," Mama Kay purrs. "You are pretty."


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